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NEU! - s/t LP


NEU! - s/t LP

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Gatefold sleeve.
Highly recommended.

Joy Division, David Bowie, Stereolab, DEVO, Sonic Youth, Gary Numan, Public Image Ltd., Simple Minds, Ultravox and Kraftwerk. Anyone whose music knowledge goes beyond the current hits knows at least a few of these bands. And still, it's a short list; listing all the bands and genres influenced by Neu! would be simply impossible.

Neu! was formed in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1971 after the forming members: Klaus Dinger (drums) and Michael Rother (guitar, bass guitar) left Kraftwerk for what Rother described as "difference of temperaments". While Kraftwerk was already headings towards more synth-based sound, Neu! still wanted to stay in the general rock area.

But this wasn't the usual rock'n'roll with many chords, elaborate guitar solos and vocals. Dinger and Rother completely redefined the structure of their songs, stripping the drums to the minimalist 4/4 motorik beat throughout the whole and changing the traditional guitar chords into spacey drones with many overdubs. Neu! is an example of what United Kingdom music journalists described as "krautrock" - a unique mix of psychedelic/progressive rock with experimental eletronics characteristic for Germany of the 70s.

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