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NEU! - 2 LP


NEU! - 2 LP

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Gatefold sleeve.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

I love how they were forced to get creative with how to fill out the album - that whole thing with recording songs played at 16 or 78. I believe in easy answers. Not every group's sound lends itself to that sort of trickery. Perpetual, almost robotic riffing - it makes perfect sense - logically and aesthetically - to have a machine then rework it. Working together with tape manipulation and intentional surface noise, it's practically a concept album about recorded/replayed sound. But that's not the only reason I love this album - the songs that are performed straight are among the best they ever did. "Lila Engel" absolutely ROCKS. I don't mean to make it sound stoopid, but that's just what it does. Rocks, that is. That's the Neu! I love - intentional, entrancing persistent exploration. And when the money runs out, keep going, just fuck it up a bit ...

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