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NETTELLES - Do You Believe In The... LP

Back To Beat

NETTELLES - Do You Believe In The... LP

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Highly recommended.

Scottish femmes from the dust of The Pterodaktyls, Thanes, Bof!, Sensation Seeekers, Lord Rochester Fizzbombs, to name a few... A rollicking, fuzz-heavy good time with obvious comparisons to Thee Headcoatees.

"...there’s a few choice covers inside the tangerine fuzz forest if you dare to delve in, notably a cracking version of "Get Off The Road" from Herschell Gordon Lewis’s 1968 exploitation flick "She Devil On Wheels" and ‘66 garage-snarler "You Lied To Me Before", originally by The Treez. For me, it’s their self-penned songs where they really shine, and sting. I honestly cannot pick a favourite, but if you like proper garage-punk, then you should go and buy this record because it will not disappoint. Songs like "I Don’t Want To Talk To You", "You Better Go", "I’m Over You" are full of attitude, and I know that Clare was a huge fan of garage big sisters The Brood and The Pandoras (pre-hard rock phase), and I can hear their influence in her songs. Tracks like "Wasn’t Meant To Be" and "Baba Yaga" are both angsty teen rants. The darkly psychedelic sounds (think The Red Crayola rather than Sgt. Pepper) of "The Incredible Disappearing Woman" clearly has a deeper message. Overall, it’s rollocking good Rock 'n' Roll, no frills and no gimmicks required. Get yourself stung!" - Retro Man Blog

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