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NEIL YOUNG - Tonight's The Night LP


NEIL YOUNG - Tonight's The Night LP

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Disc 7 in the Neil Young Archives Official Release Series.
180 gram vinyl. Mastered from the original analog master tapes.

A bummer all the way. But in the best way that so-called depressing art does, this uplifts  - finds a way to take death, drug addiction/overdose, sadness and turn them into positives without endorsing them. Acknowledging their power without succumbing to them, it's cautionary, never escapist, never maudlin, and in the pivotal "Come On Baby, Let's Go Downtown" it's even celebratory - not of the excess, but of the spirit (in this case Danny Whitten's) that drives people to excess, a spirit that refuses to be contained within any regular set of rules, even at the cost of one's health (or life). Maybe it's not exactly Blake , but I don't think it's wrong to see a parallel in this sort of world-weary but still undefeated music. A masterpiece, and life-affirming at that.


Side A
01 Tonight’s The Night
02 Speakin’ Out
03 World On A String
04 Borrowed Time
05 Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown
06 Mellow My Mind

Side B
01 Roll Another Number (For The Road)
02 Albuquerque
03 New Mama
04 Lookout Joe
05 Tired Eyes
06 Tonight’s The Night (Part II)

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