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NEBULA - Charged LP (colour vinyl)

Heavy Psych Sounds

NEBULA - Charged LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition splatter vinyl.

Highly recommended. 
2019 reissue. 

The main ingredients for the stoner rock genre is a couple chords, a healthy fascination of Black Sabbath, a sneaking liking of MC5, a few pre-rolled joints to suck on during rehearsal breaks and amps set to stun. Luckily Nebula have a few more tricks up their sleeves and come up with something extra for their second full length album, nicely titled Charged. And it certainly is charged, the tunes power along at a nice pace slightly augmented by a layer of keyboards here and a bit of synth there, and use their knack for crafting riffs by stinging an intro with a double tracked guitar layered with an electronic gizmo or two where needed. "Do It Now" is an evil menacing title for a song that guides the listener trough the sonic rock of Nebula on this album and it is quite refreshing that a so called stoner rock band can also lay back on the relentless edge by providing a more subtle approach to their music which keeps it fresh and interesting, at the very least, and keeps Nebula on the periphery of the Stoner thing yet open to what ever they want to do via experimentation with textures and sounds, something that is usually beyond the stereotype stoner band. Good album from a band that should really be heeded by more fans from the light weight on talent stoner rock genre, but overall as a very clever little rock band.

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