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NATIVE CATS - Two Creation Myths 7"

Rough Skies

NATIVE CATS - Two Creation Myths 7"

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Limited to 300 copies. 
Highly recommended. 

New 7” from Tasmanian exploratory post-punk duo the Native Cats — singer and synth operator Chloe Alison Escott, bassist Julian Teakle. 

A further intensification and advancement from their explosive 2018 releases John Sharp Toro and Spiro Scratch. “Run with the Roses” is the singer at her most revealing and her most evasive. A bass line like an eighteen-wheeler barrelling down the highway, six searing verses from a woman standing defiantly between the lanes. “Sanremo” is a slow roll down a jagged-edged rainbow, a retelling of a pivotal moment in early Italian pop music history, a reminder that invincibility is a joy that implies a threat. A pair of songs that sharpen selected arrows of the past and load them into the bow of the present.

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