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NANDAS - s/t 7"EP

Toxic State

NANDAS - s/t 7"EP

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Second s/t EP. Sleeve folds out into poster.
Highly recommended.

Dark and ominous, Nandas hails from the black forest between Nog Watt's Holland and the Denmark of the Electric Deads. Strange, driving, pulsating, yet all without a drop of "arty"-ness, Nandas bends jagged, undeniable melodies over a fever pitch of primal, tom-heavy drums as anxious, breathy vocals echo against it all. Melodically and rhythmically eerie in ways Bedboys or Rudimentary Peni might applaud from afar. A near untraceable but astronomical progression from their previous releases-consider this EP a full interior renovation of Nandas' own sound.

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