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MUSK - Animal Husbandry 7"

Total Punk

MUSK - Animal Husbandry 7"

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While some bands are content to drag their knuckles MUSK have theirs completely submerged leaving trenches in their wake as they lumber through the wasteland. Here at Total Punk misanthropy is praised but Musk might have finally unseated ACTION SWINGERS from Total Punk's misanthrope of the month title. Two tracks of swamp sludge skronk and their first release since adding fellow Total Punk JIM VEIL (FNU CLONE) to the fold insuring maximum guitar fuckery. 100% TOTAL PUNK!!

"...a Scientists-infused dip into the swamp...the only band even close to the scree they unleash is 'Sicko Inside Me' era Necessary Evils mixed with a bit of the first Horrors LP and dare I even say some of the nastier Hunches efforts. Absolutely ferocious guitar sound that's going to have some people jealous.“ - -Rich Kroneiss, Terminal Boredom

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