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MUFFS - Happy Birthday To Me LP


MUFFS - Happy Birthday To Me LP

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White vinyl.

The third Muffs album, remastered.

Their best album and they didn't do anything different for it except stop working with Rob "I produced Green Day" Cavallo. The band produced everything themselves here, which makes for a slightly more raw sound (the credits boast that Kim Shattuck recorded all of her vocals on her own at home), but they wear it well. Meanwhile, the songs are sharper than ever. Kim Shattuck writes another batch of pop melodies that gracefully surf on the waves of her loud guitar and screams her brains out some more about dirtbag guys, dumbbell girls, and the whole 90s generation's general lameness. She's a powerhouse personality and a great songwriter who complains without ever sounding whiny or self-righteous. She sees through bullshit and when she finds a target, she tears 'em to pieces in just a few stinging lines.

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