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MR. WRONG - Create A Place LP

Water Wing

MR. WRONG - Create A Place LP

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Highly recommended.

"What a record. A wild journey into art punk girl sound that’s exuberant, intoxicating, refreshing, and delightful! Sounds like it coulda come out in 1981 but also the sound of now! The joy of screaming fuck you at the gruesome specter of our current age. The way the three vocalists intertwine their vocals is so cool, sort of reminds me of the women from the B52’S where it’s almost unhinged but also pop?! It makes me think of listening to HONEY BANE and also the first GANG OF FOUR 45 all at once, just rambunctious radical transmissions!!! The lyrics are smart and insurrectionary, it’s such a pleasure to listen to. Just endless kicks and dance offs, but what they’re saying is off the pigs, bringing forth an anti-male-gaze reality you would only dream of!" - Layla Gibbon (MRR)

Guitarist MOFF and drummer URSULA started MR. WRONG in a spider filled basement in 2015, inspired by femme punk & post-punk bands from the '70s and '80s, and the desire to learn their instruments. Many mix tapes and late-night-listening’s later, many of which can be attributed to the discovery of blogs like Gunilla and T.V. Dinner, Mr. Wrong found their raw, confrontational sound. They met their bassist-to-be, LEONA, at their first show (a rowdy house-show at their place of origin, Spider Vein) January 2016. Mr. Wrong continued as a 2-piece for about 9 months until realizing that Leona’s bass stylings were the missing ingredient in their witches brew.

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