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MR. WRONG - Babes in Boyland LP

Water Wing

MR. WRONG - Babes in Boyland LP

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Guitarist MOFF and drummer URSULA started MR. WRONG in a spider filled basement in 2015, inspired by femme punk & post-punk bands from the '70s and '80s, and the desire to learn their instruments. Many mix tapes and late-night-listening’s later, many of which can be attributed to the discovery of blogs like Gunilla and T.V. Dinner, Mr. Wrong found their raw, confrontational sound. They met their bassist-to-be, LEONA, at their first show (a rowdy house-show at their place of origin, Spider Vein) January 2016. Mr. Wrong continued as a 2-piece for about 9 months until realizing that Leona’s bass stylings were the missing ingredient in their witches brew. At this point, Moff and Ursula had reached a new level of proficiency due to their dedicated practice schedule and tendency to never-say-never to a show. They recorded their demo, Distraction, on local friends’ cassette label, Cosmonaut Music, which captured the raw energy of their early songs (a blur of fierce 2-minute rants about jobs, witches, shitty dues, and gentrification) in the Spring of 2016. The addition of bass that Fall opened a door to the post-punk portion of Mr. Wrong’s early inspiration, resulting in a wave of new song-writing which relied more heavily on complex rhythms. Babes In Boyland was recorded winter of 2017 at Red Lantern Studios. At the time, they didn’t know what those recordings would turn into, they just knew they had to happen.

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