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MOUNTAIN MOVERS - World What World LP (colour vinyl)

Trouble In Mind

MOUNTAIN MOVERS - World What World LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition purple colour vinyl.

Highly recommended.

The band responsible for our #1 Psych album of 2017 (self titled) and 2018 (Pink Skies) has done it again with World What World.

"New Haven’s twin turbines, Mountain Movers and Headroom (both aided by the incredible guitar work of Kryssi Battalene), have positioned themselves as reason enough to keep your eyes on the Connecticut college town for over a decade. The latter has been slipping out releases over the past couple of years, but its been a clip since we’ve all been treated to a release by Mountain Movers.

Now, the first dip into the boiled seas of the upcoming World What World rises slow and steady, keeping the crush at bay with a low-slung jangle with J. Mascis vibes riding high before the band lets the floodgates of guitar deluge the track. “Way Back To The World” is hung on notions of space and time, the immaterial nature of distance and the deceptions of the mind caught in its own bubble. Seems like a fairly precisent premise for days that seem to test our limits. Mountain Movers have been hacking at our brains with a potent brew of the tarpit soul of White Heaven, Bardo Pond, and Major Stars for years now, but their latest is one to be reckoned with.

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