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MORON'S MORONS - Looking For Danger LP


MORON'S MORONS - Looking For Danger LP

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As iconoclasts in the genre, duh Morons have concocted a rather challenging and unique album called Looking for Danger where every track sounds like (the) Germs G.I., Angry Samoans’ Back from Samoa, and Damned Damned Damned, with subject matter provided by VOM’s Live at Surf City EP all played at the wrong speed backwards, layered on top of each other and turned inside out in an exercise in multi-dimensional stupidity with nonstop twists and turns. Juvenile silliness has never reigned so supreme on an album saturated with such noisy obnoxious violence that burns so bad you’ll be begging for a double shot of penicillin before you get a chance to flip it over! 

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