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Limited edition of 300 copies.

A crown jewel of the early '80s Italian minimal synth scene. The Monuments came into being in January 1981 in Turin when Mauro Tavella (keyboards, programming) and Andrea Costa (keyboards, voice) pooled their artistic experiences.

From the outset, they produced exclusively synthesized music, following the natural evolution in electronic music from the early days with monophonic synthesizers to the latest virtual sounds generated with the aid of computers.

The Monuments released in 1984 their only official record on Discordie, a mini-LP called Age, comprising six incredibly fantastic electro-pop tracks, now reissued by Mannequin Records with two bonus tracks, "Veiled Lady" and "The Seals," which are outtakes from the same period.

Artwork reworked from the original cover from 1984.

All the tracks were recorded on a Tascam 8-track, with external synchronization of the percussion, at the TKS Studio in Torino. From 1987 onwards, they focused exclusively on music for theater, radio and independent film, writing scores for the opening sequences of programs for some of the most important Italian TV companies as well as soundtracks for documentaries.

Some critics thought of this mini-LP as the best electro-pop record ever to come out of Italy. A masterpiece.

For fans of New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Chromagain, and Lisfrank.

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