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MONKS - Black Monk Time LP


MONKS - Black Monk Time LP

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180 gram vinyl.
Highly recommended.

“Their melodies were pop destructive and must be played to your younger brother” - Jack White, The White Stripes
“The Monks will always be a great band” - Colin Greenwood, Radiohead
“Monastic Madness – Hard Driving Garage Rock!” - Krist Novoselic, Nirvana
“This is a damned enjoyable slightly kinky 60’s garage record” - Iggy Pop

The Monks were five beat playing American GIs stationed in Germany who, after their discharge, decided to stay and continue their musical mission. Meeting up with a team of local managers, they transformed themselves and their sound into a holy racket like the world had never known. This five-person order literally birthed the above genres through a fuzz-drenched evolution of sound, bursting with social commentary and future primitive rhythms. 

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