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MINUTEMEN - Double Nickels On The Dime 2LP


MINUTEMEN - Double Nickels On The Dime 2LP

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Highly recommended.

The best thing about Double Nickels is that it could be seen as collage of the whole scene, a time capsule that aliens or any other existing inhabitants of the future will find to be the most helpful in detailing the essence and attitude of punk’s origins, as well as the musical innovations taking flight. And God, were there a lot. 3 guys with nothing but a guitar, bass, drum set, and leftist political bent should not be able to create such a variety of distinctive sounds. but through the best synchronization of guitar/bass I’ve ever heard, and George Hurley’s ultra-funkified drumming, their repertoire expands to jazz, funk, hardcore, Latin, and everything between, while the radical ideas pulsating through the lyrics prove Boon to be the ultimate microphone fiend (at least from the Anglo-Saxon pool ).

It’s been said enough that their true misfit approach embodies the greatest that punk rock had to offer, but I’ll say it again, because their rejection from the hardcore community was a damn, ironic shame. Still, conforming to any miniscule standards would be too low for them, cuz they’re a group of heroes for all-time.

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