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METAL CHURCH - Blessing In Disguise LP

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METAL CHURCH - Blessing In Disguise LP

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Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies on silver 180 gram vinyl. 

One of the earliest bands that took heavy metal to a new level, the Seattle powerhouse Metal Church blazed on the scene with their thrashing self-titled debut, their most acclaimed record, around the same time as the Bay Area thrash scene was erupting. Led by menacing vocalist, the late David Wayne, and principal songwriter and guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, the band produced another solid record with 1986's The Dark, though this was half killer and half filler, unlike the consistency of the debut. Few bands have the fortune of replacing a top-notch vocalist with another one, but when Wayne left, Mike Howe took his place and with him at the helm, the band produced their masterworks in the one-two punch of 1989's progressive and elegant Blessing in Disguise, filled with brilliant riffs and gravity of tone.

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