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MELVINS - Houdini LP

Third Man

MELVINS - Houdini LP

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180 gram vinyl. 
Highly recommended.

One of the most criminally overlooked bands ever, Melvins have been making quality music since the grunge movement was in its infancy. To label the Melvins simply as a grunge band would also be criminal. They share a lot of qualities with the bands of the grunge explosion, but the band has always experimented with their sound to make it more difficult to classify. Their sound has an essence that has always remained the same but everything around that essence has been shifting. If there was only one album, however, that characterized their sound as a whole, Houdini would be it. Heavy as fuck from "Hooch" to "Spread Eagle Beagle," the band keeps up 60 minutes of solid sludge/stoner/grunge rock without a single dull moment. "Hooch," "Lizzy," "Honey Bucket," "Hag Me," and "Pearl Bomb" are my favorites here but you can't go wrong with any of the songs. If you only own one Melvins album (and everyone should own one album from this brilliant band), Houdini should be it. Recommended to all!

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