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MELVINS - Bullhead LP


MELVINS - Bullhead LP

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Gatefold sleeve.
Highly recommended. 

After a fair number of experimental noisy/sludgy/hardcore-y albums & EPs, heavily influenced by Black Flag & Sabbath, Bullhead finally sees the Melvins craft their own sound, compiling their influence to create something more than the sum of it's parts. The band have always been hugely talented, with their penchant for huge, distorted-beyond-all-recognition, drone riffs, and Dale Crover's excellent frenetic drumming, and finally things have been focused and refined to create the band's first truly great album. "Boris" is absolutely crushing, a slow, lumbering riff peppered with agonised vocals. "Anaconda" & the mental "Ligature" are more fast-paced, powerful sludge tracks, then "It's Shoved" is more of a grunge rocker. "If I Had an Exorcism" is a deranged rocker, with wacky vocals and mad riffs, like something by Mr. Bungle, and "Cow" is surprisingly upbeat, uptempo, a proto-stoner song that's catchy and enjoyable. Bullhead is a varied album, and showcases a band hitting their stride, with may more greats to come after.

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