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MEANIES - Desperate Measures LP


MEANIES - Desperate Measures LP

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Black vinyl.

Needing no introduction, it's the first album in five years from these Aussie punk rock & roll legends and, according to frontman Link Meanie, the album title reflects the drastic strides we take to stomach the current state of the world. Link, take the mic: “Desperate Measures is an album title for the times, whether it be applicable to the rise of right wing anti-intellectualism, the associated denial of impending environmentally apocalyptic disaster or the cultural lobotomy of today's popular media,” says Link. It's hard to see a way through this miasma of illogical negativity without… (drum roll)... desperate measures.” Yep, things are kinda screwed, even more screwed than when this album was recorded(!), but The Meanies still sound a whole lot like The Meanies, and that's a GOOD thing. 

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