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MARY BELL - Bellatrix Boadicea LP


MARY BELL - Bellatrix Boadicea LP

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Highly recommended.

"For their second full length, our French Feminist punks introduce droning and repetitive post-punk elements on "Consent" compared to their garagier first record.

"And The Dinner Is Served" gets more shouty but increases the pace. Mary Bell slow down and get deep and angrier for "Rapists Behind The Scene" until they explode in rage at the end.

On many occasions Mary Bell remind me of The Slits without the reggae but the darkness of Babes In Toyland amid more complex arrangements. It's not easy listening and requires a second listen to get to the point, but could be determined as the suitable soundtrack to a very dysfunctional urban environment." - Gecko (Metronome Magazine)

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