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MARTIN FRAWLEY - Undone At 31 LP (colour vinyl)


MARTIN FRAWLEY - Undone At 31 LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition blue marble vinyl. 
Highly recommended. 

Named for the year in his life when the bottom fell out following a long-term romantic partnership, Melbourne’s MARTIN FRAWLEY (TWERPS) sequenced Undone at 31 chronologically to emphasize his journey. He took time off from drinking after mistakes and missteps in his Australian pubs, as chronicled on “End of the Bar,” an early standout that’s equal parts Velvet Underground cool and outlaw country. While visiting Brooklyn during that period, Frawley found a collaborator in STEWART BRONAUGH (ANGEL OLSEN, LIONLIMB) who, as he says, “gave me confidence and strength when I needed it the most,” and after bonding over albums by John Cale, Anna Domino, and Frank Ocean, “knew where I needed to take the music.” Those familiar with Frawley’s time as co-leader of Twerps will take comfort in hearing his deceptively simple songwriting is still intact, but the big reveal here is how new instrumentation and influences seamlessly expand Frawley’s playground. 

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