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MARRIAGE - Pool Blunt LP

Monofonus Press

MARRIAGE - Pool Blunt LP

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A little Pop Group, The Fall and plenty of early Butthole Surfers. Or like Public Enemy playing Spray Paint.

Born out of a grungy drum rug, Marriage willed its way into existence. In a room with a lot of sweat and garbage, a random assortment of instruments which includes a closet rod mounted on two cymbal stands, a bunch of drums, an out of tune guitar, a bass rhodes, two basses and whole lot of speakers, with the attitude of "I bet you can't make a recorder sound good" "Fuck you watch me do it" surviving on a diet of beef jerky, doritos, coffee, beer, fizzy water, pizza and tacos Marriage somehow has created Pool Blunt. A daunting document, one that might sound fully improvised, but the beast has learned these songs note for note. In a live setting it could abandon these notes at will because it serves a higher function, which is to explore the unformed sound in its five heads. Not afraid to just trust that even if you make a mistake it could be the right note for that given point in time. Pool Blunt is the second record following For Brötzmann. Neither are tributes to the jazz greats that the record titles reference, but a nod to them in respect. What? You never heard of Herman Pool Blunt?

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