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MARKED MEN - On The Outside LP


MARKED MEN - On The Outside LP

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"As great as the Reds were, the Marked Men upped the ante considerably, marrying the intensity and rhythmic sensibility of the Reds with pop songwriting of the highest caliber.

It may sound trite to say, but the Marked Men's sound was reminiscent a more rapid and organic version of transition between the savage attack of Teengenerate and the powerful pop (but not power pop!) of Firestarter. What made this metamorphosis even more impressive was that the resulting sound didn't fit into any easy sub-genre classifications.

Calling it "power pop" missed the point entirely, and you certainly couldn't describe it as "garage." "Punky pop" was probably the best you could hope for, but even that conjured up comparisons that weren't quite appropriate. It meant that the Marked Men were in ample possession of one of the elements of the aforementioned formula that separates the good from the truly great: originality." - Terminal Bordeom

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