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MARK PETERS - Innerland LP

Sonic Cathedral

MARK PETERS - Innerland LP

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Limited to 125 copies.

Former Engineers songwriter Mark Peters first solo recordings from way back when. Treading in the footsteps of large-scale electronic dreamers Hammock and Ulrich Schnauss. 

It's a series of glacial post rocky instrumentals that blend between electronic pulse and the treated guitar interplay that Mogwai do so successfully. It's all dead atmospheric and if any of you car companies want a glistening soundtrack to your latest model traversing the alps then you've come to the right place. Peters has collaborated before with Ulrich Schnauss and there are elements of the German's soundscapes in here but with much more emphasis on guitars. Peters is surely aligning himself for soundtrack work and on standout 'Cabin Hill' he successfully combines treated guitar, pulsating bass and the strum of a zither into a four minute post rock delight.

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