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MAMMOTH MAMMOTH - Mount The Mountain LP

Napalm Records

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH - Mount The Mountain LP

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Gatefold sleeve.

"They open with the storming title track, a surprising six minutes long pumped up high octane riffage, with added talking monologue surrounded by swirling guitar, which befits the title. The album proceeds with a batch of heads down, fully charged dispatches from rock’s hedonistic hell and are some of the finest the band have written. ‘Spellbound’ is a mad max biker on acid fighting his demons in the blazing unforgivable sun, a delirious mix of a hard-hitting rhythm and scorched sun psych riffs.Their full throttle stoner rock fuzz possesses a kick ass amphetamine drive. We are talking influences which absorb Motörhead’s ferocious attack, and contains classic Phil Campbell styled riffs, as on the animal welfare friendly ‘Kickin’ My Dog’. ‘Epitome’ is a stripped down straightforward Orange Goblin styled no messing robust rocker." - Echoes And Dust

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