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MAGNETIX - Drogue Electrique LP


MAGNETIX - Drogue Electrique LP

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Plug it in and switch it on, but make sure your circuit breakers are fully operational. MAGNETIX are the ultimate French electro-rock super-hero diode with no other influences we can figure out other than Davie Allen and the Arrows starting static with The Cramps in a sound clash live from Pluto (far out, dig?). This nasty Drogue Electrique LP brings a full on sex beat that throbs with a creepy, fuzzed out sludge, grinding through your cranium like a rusty antenna. The ping-pong stereo vibrates wildly with a multichromatic display of analog effects meant to make your retinas shimmer and your ass wiggle. Cross the Magnetix and deal with death, this album is the penalty for fans of twee, and a reward for the lightning breed.

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