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LUBRICATED GOAT - Plays The Devil's Music LP


LUBRICATED GOAT - Plays The Devil's Music LP

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Includes d/l code.
Liner notes by Stu Spasm.
Highly recommended. 

Lubricated Goat are one of those bands it's mystifying aren't far bigger than they are. The Australian band had nothing but good things going for them: noisy, but not too noisy, hilarious lyrics, catchy songs and a great front man in Stu Spasm.

Their first three LP's ('87's Plays the Devil's Music, Paddock of Love from '89 and Psychedelicatessen from '90) are prime true grunge filled with classic tracks and genuinely funny fuck-offs.

Musically, the band wallow in filthy, feedback laden psychedelic post-punk/hard rock with a very unique twin guitar attack and Stu's one-pint-over-the-line vocal style. This isn't grunge, but what grunge should have been.

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