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In The Red


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Highly recommended. 
Available again after being out of print for years. 

Memphis, Tennessee’s Lost Sounds’ fourth and final album is by far their most infectious and catchy. Their demented, aggressive approach is still intact, but never so perfectly presented and crafted as it is here. The twelve-track full-length was originally released in 2004; this timely vinyl repress comes on the heels of the band’s debut 7-inch reissue, still hot-hot-hot on the lips and ears of synth-punk maniacs everywhere.

Lost Sounds delivers succinct song structure and bottomless-well-style access to fucking unbelievable hooks. Take a track like “And You Dance,” for example: You’re like, “Oh, I like that keyboard part,” and, “oh, I can’t believe that it went into that next part even though it sounds so perfect that I must’ve heard it before somewhere else.” But you didn’t. You heard it now, for the first time. A band that can pull off that weird deja-vu illusion with their songs commands awe, and you gotta stop doubting that a band could come up with catchy intensity this original. A band like Lost Sounds could have, and does.

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