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LITTLE UGLY GIRLS - s/t LP (colour vinyl)


LITTLE UGLY GIRLS - s/t LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited to 500 copies only. 
Highly recommended. 

Little Ugly Girls have pulled together recordings new and old for a self-titled collection that stamps a forceful exclamation mark on their cult career. It’s the kind of scalding, squalling record that would get a young band anointed with instant hype. But more importantly, it’s the definitive introduction to an on-again, off-again band that feel every bit as powerful now as they did in the ’90s. - Album of the Day, Bandcamp Daily

The band formed around fiery vocalist Linda Johnston, whose high-kicking stage antics make her one of Australia's most electrifying frontpeople, alongside her guitar demon brother Dannie "Bean" Johnston and drummer Brent "Sloth" Punshon. After moving to Melbourne in the mid 90s, the band settled on their classic lineup with the addition of rock-solid bassist Mindy Mapp (previously of another cult 90s band, Brisbane's much-loved Fur).

Since first breaking up in the early ‘00s, Little Ugly Girls have made semi-regular live reappearances, always just as powerful and invigorating as ever. Linda and Bean have also gone on to create their own subsequent cult as the dual force behind Melbourne bands The Dacios and The Bulls, often with Mindy on bass.

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