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LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - This Is Happening 2LP


LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - This Is Happening 2LP

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Highly recommended.

Thanks to James Murphy's coolest-guy-in-the-club vocal and lyrical posturing and their fondness for 80s new wave motifs, we've enjoyed LCD Soundsystem more than their "dance-punk" contemporaries like Interpol, The Killers, and Franz Ferdinand, to name just a few - probably because of their more minimal approach to dance music, their overt minimizing of the (punk) rock influence on their sound, as well as their lack of an overbearing public pretentiousness.

Whereas the aforementioned groups are clearly influenced by 80s new wave and post-punk acts like Human League, Duran Duran, Soft Cell, and New Order, LCD Soundsystem reaches back to David Bowie's Eno trilogy of albums (Low, "Heroes", and The Lodger), Blondie's "Heart of Glass," and, most importantly, Neu!'s "motorik" beats for their blueprint.

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