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KELLEY STOLTZ - Antique Glow: 20th Aniversary Expanded Edition 2LP (colour vinyl)

Third Man

KELLEY STOLTZ - Antique Glow: 20th Aniversary Expanded Edition 2LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition Silver indie store exclusive colour vinyl.

OUT OF PRINT (we have limited copies available)

We secured limited copies of the insanely difficult to source indie store exclsuive colour vinyl.

Stoltz takes cues from Bowie, Ray Davies, Nick Drake, Beefheart, The Velvets and yet ends up beholden to none. A home recording that breathes. "Perpetual Night" layers on guitars as Stoltz coos about dead dinosaurs, and "Mean Marianne" begins from a Pink Moon-era acoustic figure into a sped-up up, full-band swoon. On the rock tip, "Underwater's Where the Action Is" is mod vaudeville, a sweet shuffle with schoolboy "aaaaahs" and nautical effects galore. "Are You Electric?" plays like the greatest Nuggets tracks. "Jewel of the Evening" is a two-minute acoustic marvel, brimming with subconsciousness shivers about shortwave churches and drowning songs in the Great Lakes.

For a guy who sorted fan mail for Jeff Buckley, Stoltz completely trumps Young Buck at feeling, soul, and tunes. He tries a lot, succeeds a bunch, and comes off as the consummate entertainer.

The album has been remastered and expanded with 14 bonus tracks, including songs from an Australian tour-only CD and 10 tracks from the era that have never been released at all. For Stoltz-heads, this is a bucket list / holy grail release.

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