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KEDAMA - The Complete Collection 3LP

Castle Face

KEDAMA - The Complete Collection 3LP

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Includes d/l code.
Triple LP housed in beautiful slipcase.
Highly recommended. 

Matt Jones was kind enough to send us the files for this monster triple LP some months ago and man has it had some plays! Not that you would have heard it in the store cos we had no idea when it would be released and only played it when nobody was about...

Over to the Castle Face guys...
"Three thick LPs of hot jellied kraut-prog heavies coming at you from 1970s Swiss-German based Kedama: three LPs of ‘live’ in-the-studio and actual live recordings - unbelievably telekinetic drums, keys and guitar. Vision quest soundscapes, a total gem lost to the ages here, y’all. The first LP was reissued by Geurrson Records a while back, the other two LPs are unreleased on wax as of yet: rarities and live oddities. It’s been a real pleasure to work with these guys, as they were as excited as we were and provided us with a plethora of recordings and photos and press clippings to sort through, to pull together this nice little set.

It’s raw, like you like it after a few. It’s heavy, so you can nod as you sway along the path. It’s beautiful, so you can reminisce. It’s winding, so your imagination is blindfolded. It’s far-flung space jams so you can fry out. It’s screwed-down genius so you can be inspired. This shit is far out and a real-deal old school fuse lighter and its limited to 1000 copies. Nice, never seen before photos of the gurus, so come and get it nerds!

For fans of Le Orme, Yes, Birth Control, Camel, Edgar Froese, ELP, King Crimson.” - John Dwyer

And from Matt Jones, "Disc 1 is a full reissue of the well-regarded "Live At Sunrise Studios" - a fantastically played instrumental suite of a grand and unpredictable nature, peppered with ear worms throughout. That the band played these tunes live in the studio whilst tip-toeing around microphones to change instrumentation still blows my mind...

Disc 2 is outtakes from the same sessions, and has never before been released on vinyl. The inspiration runs strong and heady throughout and one gets the sense these songs were only released later due to the limitations of how much music you can fit on one piece of vinyl. They've been lovingly cut to wax for the first time here and you can catch a glimpse of the kind of off-kilter genius at work with the excellent "Hwrklzng", which you can stream here...

Disc 3 is a special treat, in that these songs have NEVER been released before, and with the exception of the live version (with audience) of Our Power, are all fresh songs from the same extremely fertile era as the other two discs.

Or as the band puts it:

"After almost 50 years we have the great pleasure to present here live recordings from the 70s. They were recorded on Revox tape recorders by Kedama fans in 1972, 1974 and 1976, 'Mad Circus Part I' was recorded in 1972 and 'Mad Circus Part II was recorded in 1976'. So we recorded the beginning and the end of these eventful years. A crazy circus!
We are very proud of all the songs we created together. Today we are old, but our spirit becomes young again when we listen to our recordings."

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