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JOHNNY CASINO - Vibrations, Yours and Mine LP


JOHNNY CASINO - Vibrations, Yours and Mine LP

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Highly recommended. 

"Living in Spain I have found myself playing a lot of solo concerts all throughout Spain and into Europe, so I had the idea to record a bunch of songs in this more intimate stripped back way. I went into Estudio Tigruss in Els Poblets Spain with nothing more than a guitar and a handful of ideas in my hands and mind, I sat down in front of the microphone and started singing and playing almost exactly as I do when I play solo, 3 or 4 hours later I had recorded 12 songs in a live performance kinda way. The original live recordings were sounding good but I as I usually do I decided that I wanted to add an extra guitar part here and there (for better or for worse it's what guitar players do right??) that led to me adding a bunch of different guitars , some bass and some percussion and finally asking a new friend Hendrik Rover from the legendary Los Deltonos to play some pedal steel on the songs (I had recently worked with Hendrik while I was producing a record for the wonderful Los Chicos, and I found Hendrik not only great to work with but I also found we traveled in similar spaces musically speaking) . The adding of the extra instruments was a little like treading a fine line because I did not want to lose the original intimate, raw bare bones live feel but just to "flesh" the performances out a little, to open them up sonically speaking, make them more landscape as opposed to portrait. What you have here is a collection of songs, yours and mine, and the vibrations that travel through them and connect all or at least some of us."

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