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JOHNNY CASINO - Time And Time Again LP / CD


JOHNNY CASINO - Time And Time Again LP / CD

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Exclusive to Strangeworld Records.
Highly recommended.
Limited to 300 copies.
As a long-time fan of Mr Casino's brand of heartfelt rawk, I wish I had more time to write about just how good this album is but the following review pretty much sums up just how good these 8 tracks are...

"Four years in the making, across three countries and two continents, sees the new record by the cult Aussie guitar-slinger and songwriter Johnny Casino. It starts with a scorcher ‘You Still Got Nothing To Say’ - a spiteful tale of friendship gone wrong backed by an unapologetic monster riff and an infectious beat.  The snarly vocal delivery is quintessentially Australian. Before you know what hits, it goes straight into the groovy garage rock of ‘Shutdown Breakdown’. The catchy chorus features female backing singers and there’s a psychedelic organ thrown in the mix too. This is a potential radio hit. Things slow down on the soulful and heartfelt ‘This Christmas Time (She’ll Fly Away)’. Its intercontinental heartbreak Casino style. ‘Open Your Arms’ is in the Bruce and the E-Street Band mode but without the airy overproduction that spoils a lot of their work. It’s rousing and exhilarating but without the corny bombast. The circular groover ‘No Direction Home’ is another standout. 'Hit the Ground Running' and ‘Time and Time Again’ show Johnny as a master of a sort of alt country or should we say Australiana sound in this case. It’s been quite a wait since Johnny’s last studio outing but it paid off. This is as an eclectic and passionate rock’n’roll record as you’re likely to hear this year." - Heatwave Magazine

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