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JOHN FAHEY - Volume 1: Blind Joe Death LP

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JOHN FAHEY - Volume 1: Blind Joe Death LP

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Limited edition of 500 copies. 
180 gram clear vinyl. 

"John Fahey was one of the most enigmatic figures of 20th century popular music. He wrote a thesis on Charley Patton when nobody knew who he was, he set up two incredible record labels with valuable legacies (Takoma and Reverant) and influenced an entire subculture of guitar players/composers. He was at once a folkie, a hippie, a Delta blues man, a raga-infused guitar god, a Dvorak and Ives-drawing demon, a twisted drunk, a romantic, a dry-boned comedian, a noisemaker and a provoker, among other things. Throughout his rich discography, you can hear all these qualities come through. I feel genuine envy for those coming to this man's work for the first time. Prepare to be hypnotised." - Axel Carrington

Revelatory stuff. One might pass it off as an inferior release  for being perhaps more derivative or primitive, but there is still an intensity of vision here, beyond compositional or technical skill, to rival his later work. "In Christ" originates from this period! "Sligo River Blues" is probably the highlight here. Perhaps most notable is how wholehearted its blues reverence is, and the John Hurt influence, especially, is palpable.

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