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JOEL GRIND - Echoes In A Crystal Tomb LP (colour vinyl)

Death Waltz Recording Co.

JOEL GRIND - Echoes In A Crystal Tomb LP (colour vinyl)

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180 gram Purple vinyl with artwork by Haunt Love. 
Highly recommended. 

Joel Grind returns to Death Waltz Originals with his sophomore solo LP. While the sounds here will be familiar to fans of Equinox, on this new record he manages to push the boundaries of his previous work into further uncharted territories. A mix of deeply meditative electronic ambience, dreamy Tangerine Dream textures and arpeggiated pulsating synth bangers. 

Alongside Pentagram Home Video and Slasher Film Festival Strategy, this record represents the very best of the new wave of synth artists inspired by a love for cheap horror films of the 80’s and their unique synth soundtracks. The record pulses with chugging aggressive keyboards and layers of sound helping create a fully immersive listening experience that, although based in the past, has its sights very firmly set in the future. 

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