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JIM O'ROURKE - The Visitor LP

Drag City

JIM O'ROURKE - The Visitor LP

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Highly recommended.

The Visitor is an impermanent record, much as its title suggests. Here, O’Rourke ties together the entirety of his lengthy discography, birthing a composition that floats delicately with expression and laughter. You’ll find inklings of Eureka’s restrained pop etched firmly into the song’s frequently colourful piano melodies. Full-bodied flashes of guitar driven rock surface, recalling the boundless vitality that permeates across Insignificance. Tangentially, his electronic, ambient and onkyo experimentations seep through via the palpable space present in the piece. Silence is used, not so much as a purposed musical device, existing instead as an organic byproduct of the world that O’Rourke envisions. In-between the crevices, Jim once again channels the spirit of John Fahey’s renowned American primitivism, lending the piece an ability to travel in all manner of directions.

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