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JEREMY IVEY - Waiting Out The Storm LP


JEREMY IVEY - Waiting Out The Storm LP

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"Sonically, Waiting Out the Storm celebrates the jangle of late ’60s and early ’70s American rock and roll. It’s a little cosmic here, a little overdriven, and a little countrified, with Eagles-esque tunes like “Paradise Alley” and “White Shadow” and the driving Bob Dylan street preacher sermon of “Hands Down in Your Pockets.”

“Things Could Get Much Worse” couches a guarantee of widespread doom in upbeat, swampy blues-boogie. It’s catchy, too, and it’s easy to find yourself singing it later. You’re doing the dishes or something, your mind is wandering, and you move your feet or your shoulders a little, crack a little nihilistic smile and quietly intone, “you know, things / could get much worse.” - No Depression

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