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JARROW - 2003 Dream LP

Barely Dressed

JARROW - 2003 Dream LP

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"Jarrow is the pseudonym and solo project of 20-year-old Dan Oke. 2003 Dream is his debut album, self-recorded at his home in the western suburbs of Melbourne. 

You can read the nine-track album as a mixture between an introspective journal and a collection of short stories. It strikes a fascinating balance between funny, unique anecdotes of characters in Oke's life, and moments of self-confessional loneliness, contentment or hopelessness. There's nothing dressed up or overdone on 2003 Dream, Jarrow becomes someone you trust and as the album goes on, you feel his highs and his lows, as well as wondering what scene he's going to set next.

Oke's voice is unapologetically himself, his melodies are colourful and raw, and a perk of the album being so DIY is the little snippets of dialogue you get to hear, contributing to the album feeling personal and distinctive. 2003 Dream is Jarrow's world and it's a pleasure to be allowed into it." - Jess Zanoni (Beat Magazine)

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