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JACKSON POLITICK - Psycho-Mania / Well Adjusted Australians 7"

Market Square

JACKSON POLITICK - Psycho-Mania / Well Adjusted Australians 7"

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Limited to 300 copies only. Housed in duo-tone risograph sleeve.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld. 

Andy Human's solo project Jackson Politick returns a year after the groups fantastic debut LP on Neckchop with this their debut 7" release.

The 45 consists of two exceptionally cool lo-fi indie tracks which prove that Andy isn't just able to create paint peeling punk with his group The Reptoids, or new wave classics with The World, here with this project Andy proves he is capable of writing and crafting perfect outsider punk gems.

Side A features Psycho-mania a track which starts with oscillating synths and power chords, the song is a hybrid of genres, here you have glam rock, punk and synth weirdness combined together, it's equal parts Roxy Music, equal parts Chrome and very typically the song features Andy's unique vision of the world (something I relate heavily with), with consistent punk lyrics about the types of creeps who make our lives hell.

The b-side Well-adjusted Australians starts with soft reverbed guitars and casino keyboard lines, this is a really great piece of indie-pop songwriting, very reminiscent of the TVPS 'Painted Word' period, the lyrics almost childlike and very Dan Treacy-esque sarcastically yet playfully making a dig to our 'well-adjusted' Australian pals, I'm sure they know who they are ; )

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