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JACKETS - Shadows of Sound LP

Voodoo Rhythm

JACKETS - Shadows of Sound LP

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Bonus CD.

The Jackets are dark, exciting, dynamic, loud, fun and addictive. They mix the best elements of Rock and Roll into a potent, irresistible cocktail with a ferocity that is also full of good humor, high spirited fun, and full blast excitement!

Just when you thought it had all been done with three chord garage rock, The Jackets have not just reinvented it, they own it! The band is based in Bern, Switzerland featuring front woman Jack Torera, Chris Rosales (an American expat originally from LA) and Samuel "Schmidi" Schmidiger.

On stage, singer and guitarist Torera is constantly in motion, dangerous, wild, not a woman, not a man, hypnotizing with her black eye make-up and vibrato vocals. Drummer Chris Rosales and Bass player Samuel Schmidiger are dug in and concentrated like a steady hand on a steering wheel but this is no pleasure cruise - it is a wild ride that can take you anywhere! The Jackets strip Rock and Roll down to its essential components then build something unique to their personalities and their need for self-expression. It feels new because it is authentic and free of cliché and gimmickry.

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