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JACK WHITE - Blunderbuss LP

Third Man

JACK WHITE - Blunderbuss LP

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180 gram vinyl. Gatefold sleeve. 

Jack White's solo album was inevitable. But he was in no hurry to make it. Was it worth waiting for? You be the judge. It opens promisingly enough with "Missing Pieces" which is most memorable for a short piano wig out. "Sixteen Saltines" is driven by a heavy guitar hook. It's an angsty piece with vocals to suit and a screechy guitar solo. The best song on the album is "Love Interruption", an alternative, original look at the subject. "Blunderbuss" is another angsty track. Angst, pain, suffering seem to be the theme of this collection. "Weep Themselves to Sleep" is almost over the top in its melodramatic piano which is accompanied towards the end by one of White's scatty guitar solos. "I'm Shakin'" brings to mind the Black Keys. It's the most energetic track here. The last three tracks close out the album nicely. Of these, "On and On and On" is an interesting look at life.

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