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JAC BERROCAL - 1973 . 1976 . 1979 (Musiq Musik. Parallèles. Catalogue) 3LP BOX


JAC BERROCAL - 1973 . 1976 . 1979 (Musiq Musik. Parallèles. Catalogue) 3LP BOX

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Jac Berrocal’s first remarkable 70's albums in fully remastered form on 200g heavy vinyl, contained within a beautiful heavy box and individual metallic thick covers and 24 pages deluxe sewn book with press articles and many unpublished pictures. 

"We recorded it in the crypt of Saint Savinien et Potentien in Sens, a Romanesque church with touches of Gothic. It's one of the oldest churches in the region. My girlfriend and I went back there recently. You have to make an appointment to see it now because it's a bit out of town and it's not in good condition. The story was that back then studio reverb cost a fortune, and I realised that natural reverb was more beautiful, and cost nothing at all! Thanks to the local priest we were allowed to record in this church. He told us that in the crypt there were the remains of two martyrs, Saint Savinien and Saint Potentien who were beheaded in 73AD, right where Michel set up his mics. For the music itself we started with a kind of basic plan, but that soon fell by the wayside. We just fell in love with the sound of the church, that thousand year old reverb." - Jac Berrocal in a 2004 interview

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