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IGGY POP - The Idiot LP


IGGY POP - The Idiot LP

Includes download code.
High quality Virgin / Universal 2017 pressing.

All of the great rock records seem to have a sense of "space" in that the moods and feelings of both music and lyric create a imaginable, lush, vivid worlds. The sheer density of detail in this album comes from the interlace of the otherwordly blend of the Krautrock experimentalism, black American funk, proto-punk rawness musically, and lyrically by way of Iggy's sordid, wild odyessys through the night and past all of its carnal temptations. And with this detail, its striking, genuine visions of rock/urban excesses, and the utter power that it relays to the listen makes it an ultimate thematic rock album and THE ultimate, convincing concept album, starring Jim Osterberg as "the Idiot".

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