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180 gram audiophile vinyl. 

Iggy's pop punk album tends to get short shrift because it isn't all raw and dirty like his Stooges stuff, but it isn't *all* bad. Bang Bang is one of the greatest New Wavey arty songs Iggy ever did, easily on a par with The Endless Sea but easier to dance to; the real downside of the album is that nothing else exudes the same charisma and menace. Pumpin' for Jill is ridiculously sexy and presents an interesting precursor to the sort of slice-of-life narrative Iggy would perfect on Brick By Brick, but is more interesting for the musical direction it suggests than the execution here. Still, Party works much better than the rather uneven Soldier, which was midlly ruined by clashes in the production booth between David Bowie and James Williamson. And anyone who says that Bang Bang isn't a gloriously catchy piece of New Wave pop punk perfection needs to hand in their ears because they're clearly misusing them.

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