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ICEAGE - Beyondless LP


ICEAGE - Beyondless LP

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Highly recommended.

This is easily one of the most solid post-punk releases of 2018, as Iceage follow up their most acclaimed work yet with the inspired Plowing Into the Field of Love.

Beyondless is almost as good, although it is certainly a different kind of record; a bit more accessible but nonetheless very nihilistic and biting, similar to '90s Swans or Nick Cave. The more groove-driven first half is admittedly more engaging than most of what follows "Catch It," but even in the noisier half, moments like "Take It All" or the titular closing track make this a great listen all the same. The lyrics are fascinatingly debauched and cynical, the sort of disaffection that has its own intrigue, echoed by very cold and distant tones that still retain a ton of groove and flavor.

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