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HOVVDY - Heavy Lifter LP (colour vinyl)

Double Double Whammy

HOVVDY - Heavy Lifter LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition orange vinyl. 

Third LP Heavy Lifter finds new dimensions in the Hovvdy soundscape. The duo worked with producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist BEN LITTLEJOHN. Throughout fall 2018, the team built out the album in makeshift home studios around Texas. Both singers’ voices cut through more decisively than ever, carried by vivid storytelling and production eccentricities. Breaking from the confines of guitar-based slowcore, pop and hip-hop influences expand Hovvdy’s established framework. Propulsive, straightforward hooks usher in autotuned tweaks, chugging beats and genre exploration. By pulling apart slightly, Charlie and Will step into new spaces on Heavy Lifter. Always in sync, it’s a balanced effort. 

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