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HONEYBLOOD - Babes Never Die LP


HONEYBLOOD - Babes Never Die LP

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Babes Never Die is a dynamic album – guitars come in salvos and the almost angry female vocals sound pretty punkish in style. “Sipping tequila after dark, wasn't that, gave us the head start. The world is our playing park and I'm crossed arms with my lucky charm. Wild child and cherry bizarre running down the aisles, life sparkle bizarre, not a care for a while, no one knows who we are. You know I'd chase you oceans far.” The songs are emotional and expressive. The female vocals are on point, at once ferocious and feminine and when the melodies are as catchy and memorable, it's just perfect. The guitars roar and the drums pummel as if the nineties have come back and solidified their hold on the instruments.

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