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HOMELESS CADAVER - Fat Skeleton 7"

Iron Lung

HOMELESS CADAVER - Fat Skeleton 7"

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Highly recommended. 
2nd of 5 in the Systemic Surgery series each hand numbered and limited to 200. 

"Fat Skeleton" is a brilliantly slick, sick and physical recording. It's full of taste and pungent smells. There's a gruesomely juicy lyric - "slightly dead, wrapped in rags, best damn meal I ever had" - served on a solid base of guitar. Drums pound like a hangover. A wonderfully oily bit of keyboard drops in and out, playing octaves, and the band drizzles some random electronic squiggles plumb in the middle. It's like a snake trying to choke down a severed leg from a car accident or something. That's what the music sounds like. Or Bobby Soxx at a high school dance..

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